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We are IT Horizons - an IT company that strives to provide the ultimate solution for all your technology needs. We are blogging to help educate businesses in our community and keep them informed of current trends and opportunities.
Angie Saltman

The IT Things We Do


Here are some things our team does for our IT Managed Services clients in an average week!

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Alex Saltman

Get Relief with IT Managed Services 


Once a business hits 5 or 6 computer stations, managing IT can become a demanding task. Your business relies on its IT infrastructure to function optimally. As technology continues to change, it’s time-consuming (and often costly) to keep up.

That’s why IT Managed Services has become an increasingly popular solution for businesses looking to outsource the management and maintenance of their IT systems.

Here are a few ways that IT Horizons relieves the burden of managing IT for our clients:

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Angie Saltman

Ultimate Guide to IT Project Management


Some teams sit around the break room talking about that one big project that might happen, or vacation plans… but if you want to see our team get super animated about a topic, it probably involves IT Project Management.

Because there’s nothing more exciting than starting a huge IT project that’ll require everyone’s favourite skills, right? Wrong? OK, well, let’s chat about what we love about IT project management and all the things you won’t have to worry about because we’ve got it covered.

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Angie Saltman

Why Businesses Hire IT Consultants


So you’re thinking of hiring an IT consultant? Coming from our totally unbiased position (Note: we’re totally biased), we think that’s a great idea!



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Angie Saltman

IT Support: Why is it Crucial for User Experience?


In a perfect world, all of your technology would work perfectly all day every day. No 404 Errors, no broken links, no wonky contact forms, no team members forgetting their passwords, no lengthy technical emails, no unhappy customers…

But that’s just not reality. So, we provide IT support that helps your staff ensure a better user experience for your customers. Let’s look at some of the details…

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