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Angie Saltman

Ultimate Guide to IT Project Management


Some teams sit around the break room talking about that one big project that might happen, or vacation plans… but if you want to see our team get super animated about a topic, it probably involves IT Project Management.

Because there’s nothing more exciting than starting a huge IT project that’ll require everyone’s favourite skills, right? Wrong? OK, well, let’s chat about what we love about IT project management and all the things you won’t have to worry about because we’ve got it covered.

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Angie Saltman

Why Businesses Hire IT Consultants


So you’re thinking of hiring an IT consultant? Coming from our totally unbiased position (Note: we’re totally biased), we think that’s a great idea!



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Angie Saltman

IT Support: Why is it Crucial for User Experience?


In a perfect world, all of your technology would work perfectly all day every day. No 404 Errors, no broken links, no wonky contact forms, no team members forgetting their passwords, no lengthy technical emails, no unhappy customers…

But that’s just not reality. So, we provide IT support that helps your staff ensure a better user experience for your customers. Let’s look at some of the details…

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Angie Saltman

How Can IT Management Help My Business?


IT (Information Technology) is an essential component for most businesses these days. Thanks to the Internet and computers, it’s far cry from the old days of pens, papers, and floor-to-ceiling filing systems. We can do tons more than we used to, but taking care of this technology brings some challenges.

In broad terms, modern IT management involves managing all the tech stuff at your business. Large corporations will have entire departments to handle this. While IT Horizons does help large businesses set up components for these kinds of setups, the bulk of our business is providing IT support and management for organizations that don’t need a dedicated department.

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Alex Saltman

What’s the Difference Between IT Services and IT Consulting?


IT services and IT consulting are often used interchangeably. But there are some important differences between the two that will influence which your business needs—or if you need both.

If you want the short answer, it’s this: IT services does stuff, and IT consulting tells you what to do.

Regardless of which one your business needs, we all agree that IT (Information Technology) as an essential component of nearly every business. IT includes everything from computers to software, the internet, technical support, security, data protection (backups), and internal and external networks. If you’re reading this, you are accessing information courtesy of IT.

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