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Angie Saltman

Ultimate Guide to IT Project Management


Some teams sit around the break room talking about that one big project that might happen, or vacation plans… but if you want to see our team get super animated about a topic, it probably involves IT Project Management.

Because there’s nothing more exciting than starting a huge IT project that’ll require everyone’s favourite skills, right? Wrong? OK, well, let’s chat about what we love about IT project management and all the things you won’t have to worry about because we’ve got it covered.

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Alex Saltman

All About Hybrid IT Management


Do you remember the olden days, when an office would have a big monitor at each desk, under the desk everyone had their own chunky tower, a big noisy server sat in the back office, and a stream of cords connected everything together to make a ‘modern’ office? It’s almost crazy to try to imagine doing business that way now!

Of course, if you have an office (and you may not even need one of those anymore), you’ll still have some on-site equipment. But now you’ve also got cloud-based ‘equipment’—services that are accessed from anywhere and provide an essential link to co-workers, customers, projects, and data.

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