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An Introduction to IT


You’ve probably heard of ‘IT’ a lot and might use the term yourself. But what does IT really mean? Let’s break it down.

A group of people with their backs to you are sitting at computer stations facing a big window. Across the window is a 3D infinity sign made of plants, grasses and flowers. Along the side walls of the room are rows of potted plants.

What is IT?

IT, or Information Technology, involves using computers and other technologies. This includes everything related to computers, networks, software, and the internet. It’s all about systems, storing, using, sending, and receiving information.

At IT Horizons, we mostly work on developing, installing, and maintaining computer systems, and managing networks and databases for businesses and organizations. We help you plan, create, and maintain your technology systems.

Where is IT used?

Technology has grown to be a pillar of civilization. Information Technology (IT) is crucial in businesses, organizations, and governments. It helps people work more efficiently and securely, connect with others, and protect against cyber threats.

For instance, banks use IT for secure online banking and fraud detection. Healthcare uses IT to manage patient records and analyze clinical data. In education, IT creates digital learning tools, and governments use IT to manage information and serve the public.

How do SMBs use IT?

Small and medium businesses (SMEs) and organizations use IT mainly for data storage, network security, cloud computing, and automation.

Every organization needs to store and secure data, like customer information and documents. IT helps in safely storing and accessing this data.

Why is IT Important for you and your business, government, or organization?

Network security is a major part of IT, protecting against cyber threats, malicious attacks, unauthorized access, and data breaches. We focus on security measures like implementing firewalls and antivirus software. Let us make sure your data is safe!

Cloud computing is another key IT service, offering an easy and cost-effective way to store and access data remotely. We help set up and manage these services as a Microsoft Cloud Partner. But we do it with a difference! We strongly believe in data sovereignty and data residency. We securely store our data and our client's data at our private data centre located in Canada.

And we help clients securely access their cloud computing accounts and remote access to their business systems. (Remote access is highly susceptible to cyber-attacks.)

So that’s a quick overview of IT!

If you need help with...

  • IT managed services
  • Helpdesk and tech support
  • IT consulting
  • Network security
  • VoIP hosted phone systems
  • Project management
  • Cloud technology
  • Backups and disaster recovery
  • Training your team
  • or Password management

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