Be More Agile with IT Managed Services

It can be difficult to accommodate even occasional changes for new hires, terminations, or staff changing jobs within your organization. If you’re like many other businesses in Grande Prairie and are dealing with seasonal highs and lows or high turnover, if your business has frequent staff changes it can be a nightmare on the IT side.

When poorly managed, such moves, adds, and changes can be extremely painful, costly, and time-consuming to your business. You need to make sure your previous employee’s security access is neatly revoked on time. What should you do with their email? Who is taking over their responsibilities? Does your new hire have a computer assigned to them? Do they have the right printers? Are email list memberships and shared contacts in order? Do they have the documents and applications they need? Will it take a day, two, or even more before the IT changes are complete and your staff has the resources and access needed to do their job properly and securely? In a poorly managed environment this discussion is a persistent nuisance and gong show can happen each and every time.

It doesn’t have to be painful. IT Horizons makes this process a breeze.

As part of our IT Managed Service offerings we develop a standard move/add/change process so that when you have staff change there is no guesswork. We like to base security access and available resources on the role within the company and not the individual. So when Karen takes over from Joe as controller we already know exactly what Karen gets since we’ve documented what the controller role needs. We create a consistent and standard approach to routine items like forwarding and disposing of email mailboxes and user profiles.

Instead of fretting over the details yourself, simply engage our friendly service desk and we’ll take care of it for you.

Contact IT Horizons today at 780-833-2566 to find out how we can streamline this process and more with IT Managed Services.