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We are IT Horizons - an IT company that strives to provide the ultimate solution for all your technology needs. We are blogging to help educate businesses in our community and keep them informed of current trends and opportunities.

Not Your Average IT Solutions Provider

Not Your Average IT Solutions Provider

Welcome to IT Horizons, an IT managed service provider that serves small and mid-sized businesses in Grande Prairie and the surrounding areas. Our aim? To shake things up a little and to offer businesses the chance to drive and achieve their goals with the help of our fresh approach to IT solutions and a never-ending pursuit of excellence!

Thoughtfully Applied Technology

So, what's so 'fresh' about our approach? We get to know every business we work with, from the ins and outs of their daily operations to their goals and plans for the future. We know that with what we like to call 'thoughtfully applied technology,' our clients' IT experience will be just that much more positive, with solutions that don't just meet their needs today but are designed to take their companies into the future. 


IT Horizons might be the new kid on the block in the IT solutions world, but our team members have been around this industry for some time and learned what it is that businesses truly need from their IT provider. We eat, sleep and breathe technology, but we aren't a group of basement-bound nerds providing cookie-cutter solutions that our clients' businesses don't really need.
Instead, our combined years of experience give us the knowledge and skills needed to help our clients design custom solutions that satisfy their business' ever-changing technology requirements.  Whether we're providing managed IT services, consulting, cloud technology, onsite field support, installations, or any other service, the IT Horizons team is equipped, ready and waiting to help your business overcome IT challenges in new and exciting ways.

Peace of Mind

One of the things that sets us apart from competing IT companies is that we're committed to providing our clients with ongoing peace of mind. We're proactive in our approach and work to protect the technology that you've invested in and that your business depends on, day in and day out. We will look after all of your technology systems to ensure they're running up to speed and that you're getting the most out of your IT solutions. We don't want to be the dreaded IT company you feel compelled to call when something goes wrong. We're here for you!

If you're looking for an IT solutions provider that's committed to helping your business achieve success through thoughtfully applied technology, get in touch with us: (844) 747-7258.

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