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What is the Cloud and How Can You Save Your Business Thousands of Dollars in IT, in 2016?

What is the Cloud and How Can You Save Your Business Thousands of Dollars in IT, in 2016?

'The Cloud' refers to accessing your data or programs over the Internet instead of locally. “The cloud” is really just a metaphor for the Internet. Some of you may have even seen the Internet expressed in drawings as a puffy white cloud, back in the day. This is where the term, 'the cloud,' started.

How can a business benefit from using the cloud?

Unparalleled Connectivity & Increased Collaboration: Access your data from anywhere at any time with your team.

You can save thousands of dollars on your business' information technology needs. Physical onsite servers & backup solutions are now optional. Just 5 years ago, when a small business was moving to the next level and needed an IT infrastructure, the cost could be between $15,000 and $30,000! Today, instead of investing all that upfront cost for technology hardware and physical setup, we can leverage cloud subscriptions that often take a fraction of the time to setup.

Cloud services can cut server/network/security/backup costs by up to 90%!!

Flexibility: Most businesses grow or shrink, and cloud solutions are built to accommodate fluctuating demands with powerful online collaboration tools, like Microsoft Office Suite, SharePoint online (to access files from anywhere), and manage staff fluctuations when a business shrinks or grows.

Affordable Disaster Recovery: Offsite Backup, so if the worst happens to your physical location, your priceless data is safe. Better security – Antivirus and your software is kept up to date. Enough said.

Small to mid-sized businesses in Grande Prairie or the Peace Region can benefit in so many ways from using the cloud. We can help take you there!

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