Cloud Technology

Working closely with our clients, we can determine the cloud computing solution that will not only enhance productivity and workflow but exponentially improve scalability and reduce costs

Cloud Solutions from IT Horizons

“The Cloud” is a real buzz-word and Cloud services are all the rage for good reason. They lower barrier to entry by reducing or eliminating capital infrastructure costs, favouring a recurring subscription model that’s easy to budget and plan for. Small and medium businesses now have access to cloud versions of on-premise enterprise systems they could never afford previously.

With the right cloud technology services, you can bring the people involved in your company's operations together with the processes and technology that make your business tick, in ways you never thought possible.

IT Horizons specializes in the implementation of Microsoft Office 365, as well as other forms of cloud technology that include the enterprise-level cloud platform, Microsoft Azure. Following our discovery process, we can design and implement the cloud computing strategy that will best facilitate your business' current and future needs with regards to process, information access and cost.

Microsoft Office 365 Email Services

How Your Business Will Benefit from the Cloud

Computing Freedom & Flexibility

Access information via your computer, smart phone or tablet, no matter where you are

Manage & Share Files with Ease

Cloud computing allows several people working on a project from different locations to collaborate and share files

Lower IT Costs

Reduce IT-related expenses with virtual hardware, seamlessly included software upgrades and on-demand storage capacity increases

Connect in Real-Time

Cloud computing technology, such as instant messaging and video conferencing, allows employees and business partners to collaborate easily from different locations

Email and Calendar Sharing

Share email contact information and calendar details without the effort and access the information from computers or smart devices

For more information on the available cloud computing solutions, or to arrange a consultation whereby you can discover more of the ways your business will benefit from transferring some or all of your operations to the cloud, please call us 780-833-2566