Managed IT Services

We offer comprehensive IT managed services so that business owners can redirect their attention to what matters most - their business

Managed IT Services from IT Horizons

By entrusting our team of IT professionals with the ongoing management, monitoring and maintenance of your information technology services, you will receive peace of mind with IT solutions that are tailored to your business' needs with reassurance that your IT security and backup requirements are also being handled.

Need help? Like all of the solutions we offer, IT service management comes with the high level of ongoing customer support that only our IT help desk can provide. Our clients are encouraged to contact our help desk whenever they need to, which is why we've made ourselves available by phone, email, an online ticket system or remote assistant tools.

Fully Managed IT Environments

We'll ensure the assets that are fundamental to your business are being managed in an efficient and effective manner. 'Fully managed' means we'll not only help you choose and implement the IT services that best suit your needs and budget; our end-to-end solution establishes us as your finely tuned IT department handling everything from strategic planning and consulting, to technical support, data protection and asset management. We deliver peace of mind and outstanding value by combining all of our managed service offerings to build efficiencies in your business and transform IT from an overhead cost centre into a true business enabler and valuable investment.

Our Managed Information Technology Services Include:

Pro-Active Support & Regular Maintenance

With regular scheduled onsite visits, software updates and patch management scheduling, and ongoing or revolving hardware replacements, managed IT services are the easiest way for businesses to prevent the vast majority of issues before they occur eliminating and reducing costly downtime and outages.

IT Security and Antivirus

Rest easy knowing that the leading and most relevant antivirus, anti-spam and edge security (firewall appliances, etc.) have been implemented and are continuously monitored. IT Horizons takes the security of your network very seriously so it's one less thing for you to worry about.

Monitoring, Asset & Configuration Management

We monitor the health and availability of your systems to detect and resolve many issues before they cause failures or outages that can be disruptive to your business. Such vigilant monitoring also enables us to provide rapid response when outages do occur. We handle inventory tracking, warranty coordination and repairs, and make sure all hardware and software is kept configured in good order to create efficiencies through standardization.

Data Protection

Although it's unlikely that disaster will strike under our close watch, we have both online and local backup and recovery solutions to provide the peace of mind and security your business needs. We periodically test restores to make sure that, in the event of disaster or loss of data, we can recover your data quickly and efficiently.

Hardware & Software Procurement

Entrust IT Horizons with all of your procurement and vendor management needs. We'll source the hardware, software and printers you require, and manage the shipping, renewals and purchasing of warranties. Not only will we eliminate the hassle while you obtain everything that's needed for your IT environment, but your business will benefit from competitive pricing and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you're working with the best possible solutions for your IT requirements.

Managed services from IT Horizons are a great choice if you're looking for a cost-effective information technology solution. Get in touch with us for more information 780-833-2566