Online Backup Solutions

Backup all of the files and data that are of the utmost importance to your organization, automatically and continuously with the help of an online data backup system, specifically chosen to suit your needs.

Managed Online Backup Services

IT Horizons can help your organization protect its data against the unexpected with fully managed backup solutions. More and more businesses are choosing to backup their files online because of the protection and flexibility that today's data backup solutions provide. Data storage devices can fail, get damaged and are even stolen, but saving your files in safe and secure data centres via the web is the perfect way to achieve the protection you need.

Flexible Data Backup

The beauty of many of the online backup solutions available today is that they offer comprehensive yet flexible protection; backup any type of file from a PC or Mac computer, even a mobile device, from anywhere and at any time. Business doesn't always take place at one location or from a single computer. Choosing to backup your data online gives you freedom and flexibility with peace of mind.

Data Backup without the Hassle

When you entrust your data backup needs to IT Horizons, you will enjoy the security that a reliable online backup system can offer, without the hassle of installing, updating and maintaining software. Plus, if you ever require assistance or encounter a problem when using your backup system, our team is ready and waiting to provide you with the help you need.

Discover how you or your organization will benefit from trusted online backup solutions today. Call IT Horizons for more information on fully managed data backup services 780-833-2566